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The Sister Code

Change your world and make an impact with crone wisdom and authentic sisterhood.

Now more than ever, we have the power to redefine what it means to be a woman.

You are a Gorgeous Force

Regardless of what phase of life you are in, the power of authentic SISTERHOOD can shift the universe. That shift you feel inside, especially as you move through your 50s, is the CRONE WISDOM finding its way.

Over the course of 4 weeks, you'll take a deep dive into what it means to be a modern-day crone. You will discover this magical wisdom has lain within you your whole life and is bursting to be set free. Despite the trauma of the patriarchal world, CRONE MEDICINE can and will heal you and those around you.

Authentic sisterhood is at the core of this change. Let's explore the 4 secrets of the code and build meaningful relationships with other women, while we work to banish the sister wound.

Together, we can contribute to the alchemy of power that will save our planet at all levels.

SISTERHOOD IS FOR all our good


True sisterhood can be found at any age. But first, we need to build trust and embrace a SAFE space to start healing. You can share your vulnerability free from judgement and experience full ACCEPTANCE.


Learn to accept and give LOVE. When we learn how to appreciate and value our differences, we will weave loyalty and respect into our sisterhood. We can do more when we band together and apply CRONE MEDICINE and WISDOM to the healing.


For many cultures, elder women carry the knowledge and experience of their generation. Without them, society cannot thrive. Every stage of our lives — Maiden, Mother and Crone — has value in forming a woman's essence.

your journey starts here.

Experience vulnerability in a space free of judgement. Move toward authenticity and away from the chaos, craziness and things that make us feel not so great.


Learn to accept, love and appreciate each other's differences. Form bonds with your sisterhood and develop loyalties to last a lifetime.

When we band together, it's remarkable what we can accomplish. Create magic in secure, trusting relationships free from viewing other women as adverasries.

Discover how authentic and mutually supportive sisterhood moves you toward self-acceptance and self respect and away from seeking acceptance through attachment.

Your path to connection

"Women instinctually know how to nourish each other, and just being with each other is restorative"


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