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The Pregnancy Journey

Claim your place in the rite of passage from pregnancy through to motherhood.

Take advantage of modern life while reaching back through ages of feminine knowledge. 

The divine feminine is yours

From the moment you announce your pregnancy, you'll hear advice and information from every direction. And while the well-intentioned guidance of others is meant to help, it may pull you away from a heart-centred experience of PREGNANCY through to MOTHERHOOD.
Over the course of 4 weeks, this program teaches you how to reclaim control of your journey. It's in your POWER to make your experience authentic for you. We'll bring together all the pieces of what happens next, and you'll emerge BALANCED: strong and vibrant, while calm and compassionate.

You already know, instinctually, what to do. Let's awaken the DIVINE GODDESS within, opening her to receive all that is her rite as a creator of life.

I'll be your spiritual midwife, complementing your existing pregnancy and birth care.

SAY YES To the journey


Open your heart and be prepared to connect to your JOURNEY and that of women who have come before you. Be ready to receive love and companionship of like-minded women.


Get re-acquainted with the DIVINE GODDESS, the sacred spiritual energy that exists within all of us. You'll find strength in your own softness and the cycles of creation and transformation.


Access the oracle of proven knowledge, practical tips and tools to create your own pregnancy and birth plan. We'll take a truly HOLISTIC approach to pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

your journey starts here.

Keeping yourself in optimum health is the basis of your relationship with YOU. You'll learn self-care rituals and routines while exploring how to meet your needs and ask for the support of others.

You might feel you've lost control, but you need to trust your body knows what it needs to do. We'll sort through the jargon, explain the magic and banish the worries.

Week Three: BIRTH

We'll work through the fear common to all woman at this stage of the journey. You'll learn about the many tools you can use to empower yourself, your baby, and your partner to make this a positive and beautiful experience.

Breastfeeding is like a first dance: it takes more than one song for partners to know how the other moves and what they need. But wth practice, mom and baby can synchronize and never look back. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, this module will give you all the information you need in support of your choice.


Once you're here, there's no turning back. We'll spend time detaching from the myth of the perfect mother and set you up for success.

Those closest to you will form your support group and a source of essential trust, confidence and joy. This week, you'll lay the foundation for creating positive relationships that make you feel loved and supported.

Your path to parenthood

“Sam was the best choice we could've made for guiding us on this journey. So wise, kind and the best advocate we could have had!” 


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