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The Mother Daughter Code

Crack the code on your most critical RELATIONSHIP and the one that's likely holding you back.

If the call of "Mom, watch me!" makes you cringe, we can change that.

Unlock the relationship secrets

The relationship you have with your mother forms the FOUNDATION of every interaction. It imprints all your current and future relationships, your career, as well as your physical and emotional health. This relationship, if CRACKED and BROKEN, can determine your success in business and your effectiveness as a parent and conditions the lives of your own children.
You can take control of your own healing from WITHIN, without seeking any approvals or acknowledgement from your mother. You can put a stop to GENERATIONAL WOUNDING. Using the 4 principals of this code, you'll be able to move FORWARD in life, without guilt and without apologies.

There is something better waiting for you. You've earned it and it's time to collect.

Modules for deep healing


We'll explore how the code has affected your life to date and choose one area of struggle where you desire CLARITY and PURPOSE. Together, we'll dig deep and work toward your breakthrough.


Journey through the code to create a map to serve as your guide through change, All the while, you'll be supported and nurtured as you learn this new way of THINKING and BELIEVING.


Just like a directional compass has 4 points, so does the core of your being. Get ready to ride into the world of FEELINGS, INTUITION, VALUES, and TRUTH. When all are present, that's your true North.

Ready to get the code? Jump in.

Week One: UNLOCK
From the start, you'll learn the 4 secrets that explain the Mother Daughter code.


Together, we'll explore how the Code has affected your life to date and choose one area of struggle where you desire clarity and purpose. Together, we will explore and create your breakthrough.

Week Three: NAVIGATE

As you begin to apply the Code, you will create a map to guide the changes you desire in your chosen life area. You'll be supported and nurtured as you learn this new way of thinking and believing.

Week Four: UNLEASH
We recognise and celebrate your emergence feeling confident, passionate and on purpose! We SEE your potential! We will receive and celebrate, love and support and together FEEL into this new way of being.

Your path to clarity

"I can honestly say, hand on heart, I am happier now than I have ever been. The relationships I have with my son and my bonus son are so precious, and I owe this to my mother. Had I not journeyed to heal my mother-wound, I would never have discovered this level of JOY. I first learned how to mother me, then how to mother my boys. I gave birth to me and I haven't looked back. No more trying to to be somebody I am not. No more constantly seeking the approval of others. No more existing when I should be living. NOW t's your turn. Let's do this!!


Sam xo

“Working with Sam, hands down, was the best choice I’ve ever made for me and my children. I have discovered a level of happiness I never knew I deserved.


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