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In 7 weeks, you can move from going through the motions to living life with PURPOSE!

It's easy to achieve JOY in all areas of your life, when you know how.

Allow me to be your guide

Embark on a journey of YOU, using the 7 major energy centres - the CHAKRAS in your body, your personal MAP. I know it's hard to swallow. As someone whose brain is steeped in Western medicine for 30+ years, this was a little too "woo" for me. I needed scientific evidence, so I went searching for it.

What I found was an INTEGRATIVE approach combining intuition, spiritual knowledge and pure science that allows me to facilitate your exploration of your own belief system.

Remain open and enjoy the ride. You'll find something weird and 'woo'nderful about yourself.

7-week journey to joy


We'll explore all the CHAKRAS, their colours, their function and where they are located on your body MAP. It'll be a fun, (third) eye-opening journey to finding your JOY centre.


Journey through the 4 cornerstones of well-being: PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, and SOCIAL. We'll take a close look at how you've abandoned these important pieces of your life. This might hurt a bit.


Just like a directional compass has 4 points, so does the core of your being. Get ready to ride into the world of FEELINGS, INTUITION, VALUES, and TRUTH to find your true north.

Ready to find Joy? Jump in.

The sacral chakra chakra is very connected to our emotional and social cornerstones.

The sacral chakra is the centre of all FEELING. It's where your emotions, connection to relationships and sexual pleasure reside. It ignites all the senses and is motivated by pleasure and the driving force for the enjoyment of life. When your sacral chakra is balanced, you feel well-balanced and your enjoyment of life is enhanced.

The root chakra creates the solid foundation for opening the chakras above.

Healing starts from the ground and moves up. The root chakra is the balanced base from which JOY will grow. It will open the door to the rest of your journey and will provide you with the foundation from which to grow. When your root chakra is balanced, you feel grounded, safe, secure, connected, supported, strong, and trusting.

Your 7 Destinations

The heart chakra plays a crucial role in our physical health and well being.

Right in our centre, the SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL meet at the heart chakra. Driven by love, compassion and devotion, this chakra also hold a protective layer, shielding your deepest emotions from harm. When in balance, your heart chakra opens you up giving and receiving love, deepening your trust with others and encouraging self-acceptance.

The solar plexus chakra plays a huge role in our joy, feeding our direction in life.

The power centre of our being is found in the solar plexus chakra. It provides the MOMENTUM to move us forward
to realize personal desires and intentions in the world. It plays a fundamental role in the development of your personal power. When balanced, the solar plexus chakra permits us to easily find the balance between our personal power and harmonious relationships with others.

The third eye chakra is the pathway to inner knowledge, and is often referred to as our sixth sense.

Positioned at the crest of the nose between the eyes, the third eye chakra is ALL KNOWING. It allows us to look deeper into ourselves and to examine the world swirling around us. It can bring calm in chaos, and knowledge when we are lost. This charka intensifies our intuition, connecting us to a guiding primal instinct. When in balance, it can enable manifestation, expanded imagination and visualization.

The throat chakra is very connected to speaking your truth in the literal sense.

As the point of passage between the body and the head, the throat chakra is an important instrument of COMMUNICATION and EXPRESSION. It is connected to sound, but also the etheric realm of spirit and intuition. When balanced, the throat chakra can help align your creative vision with reality, while also releasing pressures on the heart chakra.  

The crown chakra is the source of all awareness, the bright life of light, the path to living with love and JOY. 

The very top of our physical being, our spiritual mecca, is home to the crown chakra. It guides us to a state of PURE AWARENESS, pure consciousness, and all expansive knowledge. It's here where we need to acknowledge that the divine source exudes grace from within and helps you attain mastery of self. When you open yourself up to this awareness, you will be witness to your own expansion and become increasingly aware of the world around you. You will begin to experience unconditional love on a consistent basis because you see the good and the
beauty and you appreciate it. You will become more compassionate, kind, and forgiving, and you will show more humility. Life starts to be LIVED.
When your crown chakra is balanced, you are fully open and accepting of your truth, unafraid to share who you are and determined to live life on your terms.

“I had no idea what joy REALLY felt like. She’s a freaking genius!” 


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