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About Sam Bell

Sam is a nurse/midwife and teacher with a career spanning 3 decades and 3 continents, working in public, private and charitable sectors. She is recognised as a huge advocate for women, as a writer, transformational coach, international speaker, and is what you could call, a connector of hearts. Her work is largely focused upon helping mothers and daughters struggling with their difficult sometimes, toxic, relationships, resolving issues such as self esteem, confidence, relationships, happiness, chronic disease and body image. She teaches workshops, online courses and offers coaching programs for women wanting to accelerate their personal and professional growth and step into their full power and potential.

Upcoming Program


The Inspired Woman Network

It has been my intention for some time to create an all-new, SACRED SAFE SPACE on-line, that is accessible with EASE via an APP and/or desktop. AND IT”S HERE!!!

One place that is NOT FaceBook, where our content is OURS to create without limitation. A COMMUNITY where we can meet, message, share ideas and go deeper with our peers on the topics we care about the most.

When you join, you’ll be able to contribute your own stories and experiences. It only takes a minute to sign up and discover this beautiful, professional full of features site!

We already have 45 MEMBERS!!! And they are ROCKING THE SPACE! We are calling in all spiritual women influencers, leaders, speakers, writers, coaches, entrepreneurs, healers, mothers, daughters, sisters, with one thing in common: A desire to inspire and be inspired to share and build the strongest foundation, be it in your personal life and/or business, so that we can create wildly successful women and claim our equitable place in a patriarchal world.


The Inspired Woman Podcast is a self-help showcase of Inspiring Women and Men whose purpose is to share their stories, expertise and unique gifts to INSPIRE, EMPOWER and MOTIVATE women and men of all backgrounds and professions, with one thing in common: a desire to be their most authentic and best version of themselves.

Your host is The Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach, International Speaker and Author, Sam Bell, who weaves her magic to ensure her audience is left INSPIRED.

This podcast will appeal to the woman who wants to experience life through the lens of The Divine Feminine and the man who supports her in that quest. You can expect a wide variety of subjects, explored in their entirety, from physical and emotional health to social and spiritual awakening. Sam and her guests weave magical stories of reflection, demonstrating how within a story the stories of adversity, there always lies a powerful gift. A gift that woman by woman, man by man, is changing the world in which we live.

In this context, your host encourages her audience to reflect upon the statement made by the Dalai Lama at the Vancouver Peace Festival, 2009 The world will be saved by the western woman and encourages exploration of the paradigm shift that is dismantling the patriarchy.

This powerful, emotive yet filled with humour podcast demonstrates how we seek freedom from the patriarchy and all forms of oppression that exploit and devalue women, society as a whole and our environment. Listeners will begin to see how they as individuals, and our societies, can be inspired to work towards radical transformation, focusing upon their relationships with one another and the relationships between people and nature. Lets get these conversations started!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE FEATURED DURING 2020 – Simply Email Sam via the button below with PODCAST 2020 in the Subject Field!

Upcoming Events

Divine Feminine Empowerment

Join us for an evening of Divine Feminine Empowerment, where we come to our Mother’s embrace and take in the nectar of Her Light, Her Love and Her Vision! This night is the eve of the first of three supermoons in 2020—the other two occurring in April and May, and we are going to soak up her beautiful energy as we ask the Triple Goddess ‘Brigid’ to guide us out of the dualistic dimensional living and deliver us into the expansive realms of possibility!

Triple Goddesses are found in many cultures. Their three aspects can relate to the seasons, to the life cycle, to concepts of time or the process of creation. She denotes the stages of life’s journey for women. She also represents several aspects of our personalities, such as the one who inspires, the one who is active and the one who reflects.

Be ready with your candle, favoured essential oil and any crystals you are drawn to for our time together!

Be ready to MOVE to celebrate our beauty, boldness, and brilliance! SHARE with your sisters to connect on a soul level! Partake in RITUAL as we celebrate and commit to our inner Maiden, Mother, and Crone! And to opening your heart wide to receive the medicine of the Divine Feminine in CEREMONY.

Upon registration, you will receive your unique zoom link to join us LIVE. But if you are unable to join us, which is THE most beneficial for your soul, you will have access to the recording to watch at your leisure or even share with your sisters!

Courtyard by Marriott Hotel (Calgary South),
3750 Market Street SE,Calgary, Alberta
January 16th – 19th,2020
Pura Vida Mind-Body-Soul,
14920 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, Alberta
May 28th – 31st, 2020

The Mother-Daughter Code:
How to deal with a toxic parent


‘There’s a kind of hurt that only comes from the people meant to love you…’

An invitation to join Mother/Daughter Relationship Coach, Sam Bell, for this one of a kind experience to bring daughters of difficult {toxic} mothers together to heal their mother wound and activate their feminine power and purpose!

This intensive 4-day program is designed to be covered through a combination of workshops, sacred circle, group discussion and powerful healing sessions with each day carefully structured to provide a truly transformational experience.

You will connect and grow alongside amazing women who nourish, support and inspire you. You will realize that you are not alone and together begin a journey of discovery, unlike anything you have ever experienced previously. Throughout the experience, opportunity is given for individual support and healing within a safe, sacred space.

Prior to the retreat, each participant will receive a Discovery Session with Sam and will be invited to join a private on line community where participants will get to know one another prior to their retreat.


Three beautiful decks of oracle cards, each synergisticaly created by Sam Bell and Italian Artist, Gioia Albano. Sam has expertly blended elements of her clinical expertise with divine guidance to create a sacred communication tool, designed to be a companion to women in various stages of their lives. Paired with Gioia’s unique feminine art that captures the feelings and emotions of womanhood, this series is destined to be a collectable piece for many years to come.

The first in this unique series has been created to accompany a woman as she transitions into motherhood. ‘THE PREGNANCY JOURNEY’ travels along side her through her Pregnancy, Birth, and Breast Feeding Journeys, weaving in the essential elements of Self Care, Relationships and of course, her transition into Motherhood.

Beautifully designed to be gifted to all mothers-to-be, this deck will become her companion and keepsake for her newborn.

This series is unique in its design, providing its keeper and readers with a deeper layer of messaging, with each card drawn becoming a part of its mother-image.

The oracle may be used as affirmations that inspire a woman to embrace and experience the powerful vessel of life that she is, or together with the companion guidebook, assist her to interpret healing messages about the many aspects of her pregnancy journey, speaking to an unlimited number of experiences.

Each deck in this series will inspire you to have the courage to transform and claim more beauty and joy in your life and provide you with a sense of holistic well being and oneness with the world.

Watch for our News Release on My much anticipated Pregnancy Oracle Card Deck

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